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VALERI-D Makeup brush set 12 pieces №M122-2

картинка VALERI-D Набор для макияжа из 12 кистей №M122-2 от магазина El Corazon+
7 194.00 rub.
5 755.20 rub.
(Savings - 1 438.80 rub.)
($ 102.63, € 94.59)
Material: leather imitation.

Set includes:
Brush for eyebrows and eyelashes & m-1 for combing eyebrows and eyelashes, eyebrows to give the desired shape
Fan Brush of hair raccoon 6M-9320 is to complete the makeup, remove excess glitter, mascara, etc. chipped.
Brush liner from kolinsky 1M-1130-1 is convenient to apply a thin line along the upper and lower eyelids
Nylon lipstick brush 5M-3220 provides a uniform application of lipstick, well washed.
Short brush for shadows of the hair column 6M-122K0-1 convenient to work around the eyes, shading shadows and pencil.
Brush for eyeshadows round of kolinsky 4M-1130 is used for shading shadows, to work out the wrinkles.
Brush for eyeshadows of the hair column 6M-1220 for the application of shadows on the mobile eyelid, for small elaborations, creating accents.
Brush for eyeshadows of the bevel kolinsky 6M-1240 is used for eyebrow shaping, applying shadow correction.
Brush for eyeshadows of the hair column 10M-1220 is suitable for applying pitch shadows.
Brush tone nylon 20M-3220 is used for applying the tonal framework, well washed.
Powder Brush the hair from the pony 28M-7220 provides a cost-effective, uniform application of powder.
Brush for blush of pony hair 22M-7220 is suitable for applying blush and contour design face.

5 755.20 rub. for 1 pcs.

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