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El Corazon Orange Butter 60 ml

картинка El Corazon Масло Апельсина 60 мл  от магазина El Corazon
388.50 rub.
($ 5.31, € 4.52)
El Corazon
When you buying El Corazon butters you get 100% natural cosmetic butter without the addition of other butters.

You can add El Corazon butters in complete products, use in it's pure form, make masks. With their help, you will attach to the skin softness, elasticity, flexibility and beauty.

Orange butter is struggling with excess weight, cellulite, reduces swelling. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen, due to which the tone, elasticity and elasticity of the skin is preserved, the aging processes of cells are slowed down. Has a soothing, strong anti-inflammatory, regenerating, antiseptic, immunostimulating and relaxing properties.

Ingredients: essential oil of orange, beeswax, vitamin E.

At room temperature, the oil becomes liquid.

388.50 rub. for 1 pcs.

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El Corazon