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ESTEL Cosmetic (travel) kit CUREX SUNFLOWER

картинка ESTEL Косметический (дорожный) набор CUREX SUNFLOWER  от магазина El Corazon
716.10 rub.
($ 11.24, € 10.16)
Summer cosmetic travel kit Estel Curex Sunflower - an indispensable thing on vacation!

All Estel Curex Sunflower products are small in size and packaged in a convenient, durable cosmetic bag, making it easy to take them on any trip!

Includes a full range of tools necessary for the care of hair in the summer:

• Estel Curex Sunflower Shampoo "Moisturizing and nutrition", 100 ml

• Restoration and protection mask with UV filter, 150 ml

• Spray Estel Curex Sunflower "Moistening and protection from UV rays", 100 ml

• Packaging with zipper

716.10 rub. for 1 pcs.

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