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Quartz Bracelet with Dzi Bead 3 eyes 8 cm

картинка Браслет из Кварца с Бусиной Дзи 3 глаз 8 см от магазина El Corazon
315.00 rub.
277.20 rub.
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A quartz bracelet with a 3-eye Dzi Bead and expensive Korean accessories.

A Tibetan three-eyed Dzi bead can be worn as an amulet of wealth in a bracelet.

The possession of a Tibetan Dzi bead 3 eyes increases the ability of its owner to accumulate wealth through the crystallization of opportunities for making money. It is the accumulation of wealth, that is, its accumulation. This is not a momentary gain in the lottery, but a gradual buildup of one’s wealth, because it symbolizes the wealth of the Tibetan god Kubera.

This bead is intended for the accumulation of benefits, ideal for anyone who wants to save a certain amount, reliably keeps them from spending extra money, money ceases to “leak through your fingers”.

It also balances the vital energy of qi through a harmonious combination of spiritual forces, mind and bodily energy. Thanks to this, good health is achieved.

Therefore, the Dzi bead 3 eyes is not only a bead of wealth, it affects much larger aspects of our lives and brings both good luck in money matters and the respect of others, happiness and longevity.

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