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DNC Cosmetic white clay 130 g

картинка DNC Глина косметическая белая 130 г от магазина El Corazon
52.50 rub.
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COSMETIC CLAY is a type of home cosmetics which is as efficient as the most expensive creams, gels, serums, etc.   Clay contains a lot of calcium, magnesium, iron, nitrogen, potassium, and other microelements, as well as mineral salts.

Due to its natural properties, WHITE cosmetic clay is efficient for cleansing and drying up greasy skin by absorbing the access grease and the secret of perspiratory glands, cleansing the pores. Clay enhances the antibacterial effect of certain agents, which is the reason why the natural product is popular with both cosmetologists and dermatologists, who add it to anti inflammatory ointments and masks. White clay contains kaolin, which is suitable for oily type skin.   White clay masks can be applied to oily skin or to oily areas in combination skin. Since white clay has an intense drying effect, it is not recommended for dry skin.

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