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DNC Succinic acid with amber powder, Gemene 20 ml

картинка DNC Янтарная кислота с янтарной пудрой, Gemene 20 мл от магазина El Corazon
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Professional face care!

Intense gels to support and restore facial skin beauty. 20 ml (pump feeder)

Premium cosmetic treatment. Quick and convenient to use, the products are efficient and safe. The effects are obvious.

Skin cell repair and regeneration stimulator 

Rejuvenating and revitalizing

The effect of the gel is based on the synergism of succinic acid and natural amber.

Succinic acid is a very important biochemical element that is crucial to cell respiration. It has a powerful regenerating potential. Neutralizing free radicals, it acts as an active antioxidant. Succinic acid prevents the formation and development of dangerous neoplasia, strengthening the immune system.

Neroli water based hyaluronic acid gel together with succinic acid enhance the healing benefit of amber greatly. Amber normalizes energetic processes at the cell level, rejuvenating the skin and generally improving the overall condition of the body.

Usage: apply to your face after washing, avoid eye contour. You can use the gel daily for two months, after that a one month’s break is recommended.

Shake the vial intensely before use.

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