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SKINLITE Night face mask "Intensive lifting" SL-693

картинка SKINLITE Ночная маска для лица "Интенсивный лифтинг" SL-693 от магазина El Corazon
135.45 rub.
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SKINLITE Night face mask "Intensive lifting" SL-693

The formula of the mask is specially designed for use at night, when the skin is most susceptible to renewal and recovery.Night mask restores skin elasticity, has a lifting effect, nourishing and moisturizing it.
The skin is transformed overnight, actively regenerated by the concentration of nutrients.
Anti-aging components activate the anti-aging mechanisms of the skin, increase the tone, making it more elastic and even.
The snail secret filtrate speeds up the renewal processes, has a regenerating effect, rejuvenates, gives shine.
The complex of plant extracts (white willow bark, cinnamon, oregano leaves, hinoki cypress leaves, portulaca, Peruvian maca root and Baikal skullcap) soothes, removes
redness, moisturizes, improves cellular metabolism, improves the protective functions of the skin.
Copper-1 tripeptide is one of the most effective ways to combat skin aging. It has pronounced wound healing, regenerating, rejuvenating and protective properties.
After applying the mask in the depths of the dermal matrix, the active synthesis of collagen begins and a powerful antioxidant effect appears, damaged skin cells and fibroblasts are restored.
Night mask "Intensive lifting" is an indispensable solution for intensive rejuvenation and nutrition.
The mask "will erase" for the night all traces of daytime fatigue and stress. In the morning, your face will shine with freshness, look fit and well-groomed.

How to use:
Apply the mask in the evening to cleansed face and neck. Avoid eye area. Massage gently. In the morning, wash as usual and take care.
1. Do not apply on damaged, irritated skin.
2. Do not use the product if there is sensitivity to one of the components.

135.45 rub. for 1 pcs.

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