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SKINLITE Yellow bubble face mask "Turmeric + Papaya" SL-299

картинка SKINLITE Желтая пузырьковая маска для лица "Куркума+Папайя" SL-299 от магазина El Corazon
135.45 rub.
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Yellow bubble face mask "Turmeric + Papaya" SL-299

Cleans pores
Evens out skin tone
Antioxidant effect

The mask perfectly cleanses the skin of the face, removes dead skin cells, helping to facilitate cellular respiration, tightens pores, evens tone and refreshes the complexion. After opening the package, when interacting with oxygen, the mask is activated, bubbles begin to form, which carry out micro-massage of the skin, saturating it with oxygen. The mask contains turmeric, which is called the "root of beauty." Due to the high content of curcumin, it has anti-inflammatory and detoxifying properties. Curcumin is a powerful natural antioxidant, combats rashes and prevents the appearance of inflammatory elements. The exfoliating complex of extracts of papaya, maple sugar, blueberries and citrus will have a slight exfoliating effect, freeing the pores from fat and dirt. The complex "Superfood 10" from extracts of sweet almond, oats, soy, sunflower, orange, pumpkin, red caviar and broccoli will energize your skin, soothe and give radiance. The mask fights against high fat content, pigmentation, including, with traces of acne, significantly reduces the enlarged pores and removes unpleasant shine. As a result of the mask, the skin becomes smooth, supple, acquires a radiant luxurious look!

Method of application: Before use, rub the package so that the contents are thoroughly mixed. Clean, dry face, then open the mask. Since the reaction will begin immediately, immediately apply the mask to the face to get the maximum effect of micro-massage with bubbles. After 10-15 minutes, remove. Massage the remaining foam, then wash with warm water. * Turmeric can cause temporary redness of the skin due to the active effect on the vessels. This phenomenon quickly passes and is a normal reaction. Very light skin may acquire a yellowish tint that is easily removed with micellar water or tonic.

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