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Milv 3D-slider В141

картинка Milv 3D-слайдер В141 от магазина El Corazon
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Slider design with 3D effect. Bright volumetric sliders are suitable for use with nail polish, gel polish and gel. A new type of printing allows you to not depend on the substrate and maintain the brightness of the picture, even on dark nail polishes.

Application of sliders with nail polish:

Cover your nails with nail polish.
Cut out the design element that will be applied.
Dip into a container of ordinary water at room temperature for 5 seconds.
Remove water from the cut out element by dabbing it with a tissue.
Transfer the sticker to the nail while sliding it from the substrate.
Cover the entire nail with a clear nail polish or any finish coat.

Application of sliders with gel-polish:

Prepare the nail and apply gel-polish on the technology, without finishing the finish.
Apply a thin layer of top, do not light.
Lower the cut out element of the slider design into the water for 5 seconds, dry it in a napkin and place on a layer of the lighted top.
Fix the slider on the top - light in the lamp for 10 seconds.
Cut off the nail with a second layer of topo and dry it in the lamp. Watch out for the top to overlap the slider to avoid any layering.

Application of sliders with acrylic:

Run on the nails acrylic substrate.
Cover your nails with a liquid acrylic ball and, without waiting for drying, carefully glue the sticker. At the same time, you should try not to move the sticker, as acrylic dissolves it.
Cover the nail with an acrylic ball with treading movements, trying not to smear.
To make an acrylic nail

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