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SKINLITE Wrinkle Reducer Eye Zone Patches Hyaluronic SL-272

картинка SKINLITE Гелевая маска для области вокруг глаз "Гиалуроновая кислота" SL-272 от магазина El Corazon
139.65 rub.
($ 1.94, € 1.60)
Gel mask for the eye area "HYALURONIC ACID", Skinlite, 2 pieces
Country of manufacture: Skinlite, Korea

- Smooth wrinkles and "crow's feet" around the eyes, slowing down the aging process
- hyaluronic acid
- phyto-collagen
- Vitamins A and E

4 pieces

Eye contour gel mask, "Hyaluronic Acid" is specifically designed to prevent the appearance of wrinkles and "crow's feet" around the eyes.
Hyaluronic acid, phyto-collagen, vitamins A and E, are part of the mask, stimulate the production of collagen in the skin, have a lifting effect, increase firmness and elasticity, smooth wrinkles around the eyes, slow down the aging process and improve microcirculation ,
A pronounced anti-wrinkle effect is achieved due to the unique properties of hyaluronic acid.

• Hypoallergenic
• Without perfume
• Hydrogel

139.65 rub. for 1 pcs.

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