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SKINLITE Eye Puffiness Minimizing Patches SL-244

картинка SKINLITE Гелевые подушечки против отечности под глазами "Женьшень" SL-244 от магазина El Corazon
139.65 rub.
118.70 rub.
(Savings - 20.95 rub.)
($ 1.67, € 1.48)
Gelpads against swelling under the eyes "GINSENG", Skinlite, 4pcs

     Swelling and bags under the eyes are reduced
     Contains ginseng extract
     Contains phyto-collagen
     suitable for use under the eyes

* 4 gel pads
* Suitable for all skin types

Gel pads for puffiness under the eyes "GINSENG" - an effective way to reduce under eye bags under the eyes, eliminate swelling and increase the elasticity of the skin around the eyes. Extracts of ginseng and walnuts increase blood circulation, which reduces heavy edema. A complex of flavonoids contained in the extract of GINSEN protects the skin from free radicals, effectively slows down the aging process and improves the nutrition of the skin.

     The skin looks good and becomes smoother and more elastic!
     Without perfume
     moisturizes the skin intensively

118.70 rub. for 1 pcs.

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