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SKINLITE Anti-aging Hydrogel Patches "BIO-GOLD AND ANTIOXIDANTS" SL-281

картинка SKINLITE Антивозрастные гидрогелевые подушечки "Био-золото и антиоксиданты" SL-281 от магазина El Corazon
148.05 rub.
($ 1.99, € 1.64)
  • Resilience and elasticity
  • Elimination of dark circles and puffiness
  • Bio Gold, Adenosine and Niacinamide

1 application / 2g
(2 pads)

SKINLITE Anti-Aging Hydrogel Pads "BIO-GOLD AND ANTIOXIDANTS" restore elasticity and firmness of the skin, significantly reduce the signs of aging, relieve swelling and dark circles under the eyes.

The unique base of the finest hydrogel allows the pads to fit perfectly under the eyes underneath the delicate skin and at the same time, due to this, the maximum effect of the penetration of active ingredients into the skin cells is achieved.

Bio-gold (colloidal gold) accelerates the division of skin cells, increases vitality, stimulates skin regenerative functions, enhances cell regeneration processes, and is an excellent conductor to the deep layers of the skin of other components that make up the pillows, such as plant extracts, niacinamide and adenosine. The combination of the latter, which are powerful antioxidants, increases the level of ceramides and free fatty acids in the skin, protects the skin from water loss, promotes the production of collagen and stimulates microcirculation in the dermis.

After the first procedure, you will notice how small wrinkles are smoothed out, puffiness subsided and skin tightened, and after regular use you will be pleased with the result!

* Suitable for nasolabial area.

How to use:
  1. Wash and dry your face thoroughly
  2. Open the packaging and remove the pads. Remove plastic films on both sides.
  3. Put pads under the eyes, smooth on the skin so that no bubbles remain.
  4. Leave on for 20-30 minutes and then carefully remove the pads by pulling the edges. Can be left overnight.
  5. Do not flush.

* Use pads for the first 2 weeks 1 time in 2 days, then 2 times a week or before leaving home.

Precautionary measures :
1. Avoid using on damaged, irritated, or sunburned skin.
2. Do not use the product if there is sensitivity to one of the components of the composition. If redness or irritation appears on the skin during application, discontinue use and consult a doctor.
3. Avoid contact with eyes, in case of contact, rinse with water.
4. Avoid when used on skin sensitive to bandages, dressings, and adhesive masks.
5. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid direct sunlight. To prevent drying, use the mask immediately after opening.
6. For external use only. Do not swallow.
7. Store in a place inaccessible to children, at a temperature from 0 to 25C.

Water, glycerin, butylene glycol, niacinamide, locust bean gum, PEG-60 hydrogenated castor oil, curly chondrus (carrageenan), agar, xanthan gum, carbomer, allantoin, mica, titanium dioxide, CuAi 77491, colloid adiodin EDTA gold solution, rooibos extract, Altai rose root extract, aloe barbadensis leaf extract, ribbed ardisia extract, Javanese carnivore extract, methyl paraben, perfume.

148.05 rub. for 1 pcs.

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