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New! El Corazon Cocoa solid butter

New! El Corazon Cocoa solid butter


New! El Corazon Cocoa solid butter

New! El Corazon Cocoa solidbutter for body, face, hands and nails.

When you buying El Corazon butters you get 100% natural cosmetic butter without the addition of other butters.

Cocoa butter softens the skin, tones it, renewing its natural elasticity. Regular use of cocoa butter will eliminate some skin defects (small scars, as well as the effects of acne eruptions); protect the skin from the negative effects of external factors; To preserve the youthfulness of the skin due to the antioxidant action of the oil components; ensure the elasticity of the skin of the face and body, increasing its tone and slowing the aging process. It perfectly takes care of sensitive baby skin, it fills with useful substances and vitamins. Cocoa butter restores dry, lifeless, overdried curls. It nourishes the hair follicles and strengthens the hair.

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Currency rate:

€ 1.00 = 70.81 rub.
$ 1.00 = 57.49 rub.
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