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VALERI-D Nail art brush №4H-3C210 (nylon)

картинка VALERI-D Кисть для дизайна ногтей №4H-3C210 (нейлон) от магазина El Corazon
537.60 rub.
($ 5.80, € 5.35)

Brushes are made from squirrel hair, Kolinsky sable hair, high-quality nylon. All brushes are hand-made by experienced brush makers. Variety of forms, sizes and kinds of used hair will allow each consumer to choose necessary brushes.

Thin short brushes are used for open-work patterns , rendering fine details , curls and dots. Thin as a hair brushes conveniently draws long thin line. Form " tab " is selected for the application of floral ornament . Brush flat and oblique used for Chinese painting and geometric patterns . Small fan brushes are used to create color rainbow streaks.

537.60 rub. for 1 pcs.

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