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Moyra - Foil Gel Polish for Stamping №FGP Black 10 ml

картинка Moyra - Гель-лак для литья стемпинга №FGP Black 10 мл от магазина El Corazon
766.50 rub.
($ 11.00, € 9.87)
Foil gel polish for stamping (gel-polish for stamping) -developed specifically for stamping! Since the design with this gel varnish does not dry out in the air, it solves many of the problems of time and facilitates the execution of designs, leaving more time for casting. It is highly pigmented and therefore should be shaken well before use. It will polymerize both in the UV and in the LED lamp and has a sticky layer!

How to use:
1. Before use, be sure to shake the vial for 20 seconds.
2. On a cleaned pattern from the plate, apply a small amount of gel foil varnish and remove excess material with a scraper.
3. Transfer the picture with a stamp on the nail or tips.
4. Fix the design in the UV lamp for 1 minute and immediately press the foil to the pattern. (In the case of an LED lamp, the freezing time is reduced.)
5. Cover the finished design with a top coat in one or two layers (Clever Cover, 2: 1 Base and Top coat or Stamping nail Polish Top coat)

Volume: 10 ml
Black colour

766.50 rub. for 1 pcs.

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