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Dewal BR-WC307 Brush for styling

картинка Dewal BR-WC307 Щетка для укладки  от магазина El Corazon
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Dewal Brush for styling №BR-WC307

Professional styling brush from Dewal is a stylish accessory that is necessary in the arsenal of every hairdresser. A narrow working surface, with only four rows of bristles, makes it possible to perform packing as quickly as possible, reducing the time of interaction of hair with a hot air stream, thereby minimizing the probability of deformation of the hair structure. Thanks to natural materials, the strand acquires an amazing smoothness and a glossy sheen, the effect ironed by the professional curling iron. German quality can be traced in everything - in a laconic, low-key design, strict pen-shaped lines. Durability and durability of the device, natural high-quality bristles, mildly interacting with the hair, guarantee the productive work of the hairdresser.

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