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New from the DNC brand!

New from the DNC brand!


New from the DNC brand!

New from the DNC brand!

Today, we have two face care products from the DNC brand:

  • DNC Eye Contour Snail Extract, 15 ml - Tightens, tones and moisturizes. Snail secretion extract has antioxidant properties, improves the healing ability of the skin and stimulates the production of its own collagen. Improves skin hydration. Serves as a natural stimulator of skin renewal. They reduce the depth of wrinkles and protect against external damaging factors such as sun, hypothermia and dryness. Perfect for caring for delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes.

  • DNC Snail Anti Aging Serum, 15 ml - Anti-wrinkle and dry. Snail secretion filtrate is one of the most active natural remedies for restoring skin cells and maintaining its youth and beauty. The combination of bioactive properties, mineral and organic composition create the strongest cosmetic complex. For centuries, eastern women have successfully used snail mucus for face care. A modern preparation from the secret of snails - clean, with enhanced properties and convenient to use - an excellent protector against wrinkles and loss of skin tone.

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