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Kaleidoscope Nail polish "Thermo" №t-10 15 ml

картинка Kaleidoscope Лак для ногтей "Термолак" №t-10 15 мл от магазина El Corazon
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Kaleidoscope is a 5-free nail polish.

Thermal nail polish - one of the most interesting inventions in the lacquer industry. Despite the fact that the thermal nail polish collection has been developed by EL Corazon even in 2011, the demand for them has fallen to this day. As part of the present thermo-varnish pigments that at 29 ° C change color. Apply nail polish - beautiful colors in themselves, and by changing the temperature threshold of 29 ° C the nail polish will gradually change the color of the gradient. This behavior will surprise every time, and the very possessor manicure and others. In winter thermoeffect clearly visible by changing the temperature of "street - the room", going to the summer holiday by the sea to grab a bottle thermal nail polish to cheer up yourself and attract the attention of others, just imagine: one color on the beach and in the sea is another! 

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