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Kaleidoscope Nail polish "Sophisticated Polishmaniac" №IL-112 О, мой Бог! OMG! 15 ml

картинка Kaleidoscope Лак для ногтей "Искушенный лакоманьяк" №IL-112 О, мой Бог! OMG! 15 мл от магазина El Corazon
157.50 rub.
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Kaleidoscope Nail polish "Sophisticated Polishmaniac" №IL-112 О, мой Бог! OMG! 15 ml

Kaleidoscope is a 5-free nail polish.

Collection consists of cream nail polishes. Nail care is developing rapidly fast. A special place is lacquer industry. Each season, the producers of  nail polishes, gels for nails tend to release a new series, meets the latest fashion trends. This rapid development in the lacquer industry, the abundance of colors and textures generated interest in many women, and has given rise to a community of people - polishmaniacs. Polishmaniacs - a group of womans well versed in all the nuances of the lacquer and give a special place in the life of manicure and digital photography. Many famous polichmaniacs maintain their blogs. Where you can find many beautiful swatches - the author's photographs with perfect manicure and descriptions of nail polishes. Names of nail polishes series "Sophisticated Polishmaniac" Kaleidoscope taken from comments of blogs.

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