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Kaleidoscope Nail polish "Krasoteka" №Кr-08 Femme fatale 15 ml

картинка Kaleidoscope Лак для ногтей "Красотека" №Kr-08 Роковая женщина 15 мл от магазина El Corazon
252.00 rub.
214.20 rub.
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Kaleidoscope Nail polish "Krasoteka" №Кr-08 Femme fatale 15 ml

Kaleidoscope is a 5-free nail polish.

Incredible, so many shades of red cream polish! Creator managed to catch the subtle gradations of red. Red nail polish in the peak of popularity. Collection of EL Corazon - Kaleidoscope "Krasoteka" contains 9 nail polishes. You have to choose from your red lacquer. Red - one of the most feminine and expressive colors, so every woman must have at least one member of this wonderful color.

214.20 rub. for 1 pcs.

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