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El Corazon Acrive Bio-gel №423/254 Jelly Neon 16 ml

картинка El Corazon Активный Био-гель №423/254 Jelly Neon 16 мл от магазина El Corazon
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El Corazon
El Corazon Acrive Bio-gel №423/254 Jelly Neon 16 ml

Active Bio-gel EL Corazon - innovative design performs all the functions at once.
You need just one tool to get perfect manicure! Bio-Gel, as a therapeutic drug restores the nail plate from any state, and instantly seals the nail. Bio-gel colors like nail polish, dries quickly and therefore excludes the use of drying. Finally, bio-gel is not necessary to cover top coat, composition of the product allows you to have a beautiful glossy finish on nails 
long persistence.

In the end of spring 2014 the company EL Corazon pleased fans a new topical series of bio-gel Jelly neon №423/251-№423/257. Seven stunning bright bio-gel jelly texture created for summer manicure and pedicure. Neon paints again at the peak of popularity. "Jelly neon" will give you a good mood, not only during the day but at night, because they have a particularly glows under UV light. In 2014 it came into fashion two color manicure. If you stand before a choice of two colors of lacquers, cover the nails on one hand, one color and the other in the second. The main thing that selected colors are contrasting. For example as a yellow-blue, yellow, orange, blue and pink. Collection Jelly neon are also present coatings of the same color, but different tone. With this nail polishes you can make a gradient manicure. Create a stylish image with Jelly neon EL Corazon.

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