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Bohema Nail glue-gel with brush 5 g

картинка Bohema Клей-гель с кисточкой для ногтей 5 г от магазина El Corazon
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Bohema Nail glue-gel with brush 5 g

If you need to stick artificial nails, you can use glue-gel "Bohema." What is the difference between the glue and glue-gel? When you paste artificial nails, the glue can spread under the nails and nail to appear on top, forming stains. When you use the glue-gel this doesn't happens as glue-gel is more concentrated and not spread out, sometimes simply spread the glue.

How to use: Apply an even layer of glu-gel to the inside of the artificial nail and wait about 30 seconds. Then attach artificial nails to your natural nail and press gently, holding it for 3 seconds.

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