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Bohema Tips french manicure 20 pic. + glue

картинка Bohema Типсы "Французский маникюр" 20 типсов + клей от магазина El Corazon
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Bohema Tips french manicure 20 pcs + glue 

"French manicure" was invented by french designers, in order to nail mannequins came immediately to all models of clothes. This manicure is good as in business life and on holidays.

How to use:
Shorten your natural nails, so they are not visible under french tips.
Clean your nails and dry them.
Choose the desired size of the french tips for each finger so that the tips are completely shut your natural nails.
If necessary, treat the edge of the french tips nail file, so they look more carefully.
Apply glue to the inside of the french tips and spread glue over the entire surface of tips. Try to keep the tips did not close the cuticle, and that did not get the glue on the skin around your nails. Then firmly press the french tips to your nail for a few seconds.

107.10 rub. for 1 pcs.

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