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El Corazon №434 Top Coat "Top Coat Like Gel" 75 ml

картинка El Corazon Perfect Nails №434 Верхнее покрытие "Top Coat Like Gel" 75 мл от магазина El Corazon
462.00 rub.
($ 4.98, € 4.60)
El Corazon

Protects from chipping and add shine to your manicure. Spread easily on nails, smooth out any nail polish and make manicure last up to 7-14 days. It creates a voluminous cover on the nails as gel-colors. Does not require drying in UV lamps. The coating can be easily removed with any nail polish remover. Apply only on a completely dry manicure. That kind of top coat is great for stamping. It protects nails when bumping into something.

462.00 rub. for 1 pcs.

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El Corazon