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Dewal DBTR23 Thermo curlers green d 23 mm x 68 mm (6 pieces)

картинка Dewal DBTR23 Бигуди термо зеленые d 23 мм x 68 мм (6шт) от магазина El Corazon
148.05 rub.
($ 2.12, € 1.91)
Curls thermo green Dewal Beauty DBTR23 provide fast and neat hair styling without wasting time. All you need is to bring the curlers to the required temperature and carefully fix the curls. The curlers are filled with water. The laying time is less than half an hour - ideal for those who are in a hurry to work in the morning.

With the help of curlers from Dewal, it is possible to always look perfect without spending much time.
Convenient plastic and clips securely hold curls of any length, allowing you to create perfect curls to create a luxurious elegant look.

Practical dimensions curlers - 23 mm x 68 mm allow them to comfortably fix. Choosing hair curlers Dewa Beauty l you can be confident in the impeccable quality of the products presented.

Number of items: 6pcs / pack
Material: plastic
Main color: green
Product dimensions: D23x68mm
Package Type: package

148.05 rub. for 1 pcs.

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