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EL Corazon Rectangular Stamper & Scraper №ksst-4 (grey)

картинка EL Corazon Прямоугольный штамп и скрапер №ksst-4 (серый) от магазина El Corazon
123.90 rub.
105.31 rub.
(Savings - 18.59 rub.)
($ 1.21, € 1.10)
El Corazon

For best results we recommend before the first use white silicone stamp gently treat the surface abrasive nail file it to become frosted. Rubber and sticky silicone stamp do not require pretreatment.

The size of the working surface: 1,6 x 2,7 cm.

Material of pad: white silicone.

105.31 rub. for 1 pcs.

- + pcs. Buy
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El Corazon