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Kaleidoscope Vinyl nail stencils №K-ns-03

картинка Kaleidoscope Виниловые трафареты №K-ns-03 от магазина El Corazon
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Perfect Manicure in a Few Steps with Kaleidoscope® by El Corazon®  Nail Stencils: 

Step 1. Remove the paper as shown in Pic. 1.

Step 2. Pull of the backing quickly. You can use pincers for convenience as shown in Pic. 2.

Step 3. Apply base coat nail polish. When it is completely dry, adhere the stencil to the nail in a way so that the edge (loose end of the nail stencil) goes beyond the nail as shown in Pic. 3. It helps to remove the nail stencil easily after use. 

Step 4. Press the nail stencil against the nail. Use an orange stick for better adhesion. Pay special attention to the areas of the nails contacting with the skin, cuticle and nail edges.

Step 5. Apply the nail polish above the nail stencil as shown in Pic. 4. Simple matte nail polishes are not suitable for a perfect manicure. Instead, we recommend using Kaleidoscope® matte stamping nail polishes. An ideal solution would be any El Corazon® and Kaleidoscope® pearl nail polishes. When you have applied the polish, remove the nail stencil as quickly as possible as this ensures evenness and smoothness of the nail design.

Step 6. When the manicure is completely dry, apply El Corazon® No 434 Top Сoat Like Gel carefully (this top coat does not smudge the area between two colors). For the manicure to dry quickly, we recommend using El Corazon® No 417 Quick Dry Top Сoat. 

For gel polishes: Adhere the nail stencil to the nail after applying the base coat and removing the sticky cutout. Apply the gel polish on top. Without removing the nail stencil, dry the manicure under the lamp for two minutes. Remove the nail stencil, apply the top coat and dry under the lamp. If some gel polish gets under the nail stencil, remove it using a brush soaked in a degreaser.

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