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Brooches - Poussette!

Brooches - Poussette!


Brooches - Poussette!

The novelty of our store is Brooches of Poussette!

It is difficult to imagine a modern ladies' wardrobe without beautiful jewelry. These include popular puset brooches. Get to know more about these accessories.
The word "poussette" came to Russia from Western Europe. In translation, it means "hairpin with a large hat." Another name is a clasp with a clip, which requires only one puncture in the clothes.

It is worth noting the attractive appearance of the puset.

And it is impossible not to note the ease of the pussets. As a rule, they are distinguished by their low weight. They are very easy to remove and put on.

They can be worn both on clothes and on belts, bags, shoes and scarves. To put on several brooches at once. The main thing is that such a composition should look harmonious!

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