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Korean oral care

Korean oral care


Korean oral care

Korean oral care!

Everyone who is keen on South Korea certainly knows that Koreans are literally obsessed with the purity of their teeth and their appearance. Korean women almost always brush their teeth after each meal, regularly go to the dentist, choose the “right” toothbrushes and super-effective toothpastes. Therefore, the creation of toothpastes in South Korea is an incredibly highly competitive and time-consuming process. Not only the best specialists are involved in this difficult task, but also huge resources. Therefore, toothpastes made in Korea are incredibly high quality, natural ingredients and multi-functional tools.

Korean toothpastes contain conifer extracts, green tea extract, fluoride, vitamins A, B and E, which strengthen the gums and prevent the appearance of tartar. This paste is ideal for the prevention of gum disease, and also prevents the appearance of bad breath.

Brand La Miso:

Brand CJ LION:

CLIO brand:


Toothbrushes are also quite different from the usual to us. Why? Due to antibacterial bristles of different lengths, they brush teeth in hard-to-reach places, providing effective cleansing of the entire surface of the teeth.

Brand Dr.NanoTo:


Brand La Miso:



Currently, toothpastes and toothbrushes are represented by the widest range. But it is necessary to select them taking into account the individual characteristics, the state of the teeth and the oral cavity, as well as the state of the organism as a whole.

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