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New brooches with rhinestones!

New brooches with rhinestones!


New brooches with rhinestones!

New brooches in Jewelery and Bijouterie with Swarovski Rhinestones!

Like all jewelry, brooches in 2019 are striking with maximalism: they are large in size, studded with a scattering of crystals. This accessory immediately attracts attention, because the rest of the jewelry should be either completely eliminated, or use their minimalist options:

Designers remembered the functionality of brooches, because the scope of their use is wide. They may apply:

  •  for fastening the gate;

  • on the shoulder of asymmetrical suits and dresses;

  • on a skirt (Coco Chanel first demonstrated this technique);

  • on the headdress:

As you can see, designers offer many options for wearing brooches, giving complete freedom to choose fashionistas.
And if there is still no bright brooch in the box, it's time to get it in order to be in trend!

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