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New crystals from natural stones!

New crystals from natural stones!


New crystals from natural stones!

Crystals and balls from natural stones!

The influence of stones on humans has been studied for thousands of years. Long-term observations made it possible to isolate crystals that help people in various spheres of life. Not all natural minerals are suitable - the buyer is offered a certain subgroup, representatives of which should be constantly carried with them. A properly selected amulet (according to the characteristics of natural stones) will help someone who is in a difficult life situation or needs treatment:

Citrine: Citrine envelops its owner with invisible sunshine, wards off the evil eye, protects him from enemies and sorcerers.


Quartz Volosatik: Volosatik - was considered a stone that guards dreams, bad dreams were simply entangled in it. In the Middle Ages, the crystal was used by fortune-tellers to obtain information about the past and the future. A person who chooses a hairy amulet can become clairvoyant. But this is possible only if the mineral is really loved.

Cacholong: Cacholong has medicinal properties. Stone treatment experts advise using it, first of all, for the fair sex. The fact is that the mineral improves the condition of the reproductive system, and also relieves gynecological pathologies. In addition, the stone helps to cope with frigidity. Men are also encouraged to use this mineral. The fact is that it prevents the occurrence of impotence and helps to cope with an existing problem.

Sodalite: The magical properties of the stone have a special effect on women. The fairer sex, who wear this gem, are transformed every day outwardly. The inner beauty of women also improves.

Tiger Eye: The Tiger Eye bestows strength and wisdom. Mineral helps to avoid making rash decisions and committing wrong actions. In addition, the stone develops intuition. Thanks to this, the owner can accurately identify the lie and sense the danger. The tiger's eye helps build relationships with people around you. It smooths out conflicts, relieves tense atmosphere and facilitates easy communication.

Jasper: Jasper helps to change a person's life for the better. Moreover, for this it is not at all necessary to wear jewelry with this mineral on yourself. The stone can influence the fate of a person even from a distance. For this, the mineral must be placed next to its photograph. Jasper gives the owner a charge of positive energy. In addition, it prevents quarrels and scandals in the family. To do this, you need to keep some kind of jasper product in the house.

Labradorite: The stone helps to get rid of depression, to survive the consequences of the stress. Raises faith in yourself.

Agate: Black agate is a powerful talisman. It provides its owner with protection from evil forces and evil witchcraft. This is the main value of the mineral. The stone is able to protect a person from any negative impact. The mineral protects him from the evil eye, damage, curses, gossip, bad rumor and envy. The stone absorbs any negative energy, transforms it into positive energy and after that gives it to the owner. Thanks to this, a person has the vitality to move forward and resist failure.

For many centuries people have actively used natural stones in magical ceremonies, attributing extraordinary properties to them. And this is not surprising, because the stones, along with the decorative function, healed, protected and supported their owners.

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