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New designer jewelry by Art Director El Corazon!

New designer jewelry by Art Director El Corazon!


New designer jewelry by Art Director El Corazon!

New designer jewelry by Art Director El Corazon !!!

Amulet stones. In the world there are things that affect the human spirit, causing certain likes and dislikes. It has long been believed that natural stones have useful qualities that are manifested when worn. They can produce a wide variety of effects.
Through the centuries, these stones carried their power over people, over their feelings and imagination. People have always believed that these extraordinary creations of nature are endowed with a supernatural power that helps protect against diseases, adversities and failures.
Bioenergy say that various earrings, bracelets, beads absorb the energy of the owner, begin to act like amulets.
  • Coral - A real miracle of nature, which is called the "colors of the sea" or "precious stones of the sea." Corals on the neck strengthen memory and relieve nervous diseases. The magical powers of stone enhance human intuition. Esoterics wear coral to enhance psychic abilities.

  • Pearls - strengthens fidelity and ties to the chosen one. He strengthens the marriage bond, strengthens the house. In this way, the bride’s wedding dresses are embroidered with pearls. In different countries, Pearl has its own meaning. In India, he is a symbol of material wealth. People in this country have worn and still wear pearls to attract money. Here are the meanings of stone in Europe - long life, eternal youth and perfection. In China, the magical properties of stone develop kindness and mercy in a person. In this country, they also think that pearls in man himself can awaken magic and strengthen it.

  • Agate - a stone of various colors, there are colors from white to dense black, it can be either translucent or opaque, with a different pattern or without it. Agate brings the ability to speak and make the right decisions, to make the right choices and actions, it strengthens the mind and makes the person insightful, tunes in the wave of perception of the subtle world, makes him clairaudient, clairvoyant and clairvoyant. Protects from attacks of energy vampirism.

  • Cacholong - Cacholong jewelry is recommended for single women. He helps to find a suitable spouse and protects the family. In some cultures, the mineral is associated with motherhood. The gem is useful for couples planning children. Stone also brings material prosperity. In Egypt, the mineral symbolized abundance.

Do not forget! For many years, stones may not manifest in any way and store their strength in themselves. It is very important to be able to customize your stone just for yourself.

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