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New designer jewelry El Corazon with Dzi beads!

New designer jewelry El Corazon with Dzi beads!


New designer jewelry El Corazon with Dzi beads!

New designer jewelry from Art Director El Corazon with Dzi beads !!!

Ji Beads is a powerful Tibetan talisman, one of the strongest in the world, which protects a person from negative energy, accidents and natural disasters, brings him luck and helps to become rich. For maximum efficiency, Ji beads must be worn correctly. The more and more often your Ji touches your body, the stronger and more stable its influence. The more energy penetrates the energy structures of your body.

9 eyes DZI - the most powerful, famous and coveted DZI. The nine-eyed bead helps the owner to achieve the so-called ninefold virtues: compassion, fame, eternal brightness, fame, dignity, authority, control, reputation and elimination of obstacles.
The 9-eye Dzi bead is also called the "emperor of all dzi." This is the most popular bead of all known. It is believed that it symbolizes the nine planetary systems and their essence. It is also called the “window to wisdom" because it increases the intelligence and wisdom of its owner. Ji 9 eyes ranked as "unofficial" beads of wealth. It helps the owner literally roll towards wealth, while attracting attention and creating a positive reputation. Interestingly, this bead has a “condition” - it helps only those who work hard themselves.

Dzi Bead 3 eyes: Dzi Bead 3 eyes allows the wearer to connect with three key components: body, mind and heart. It helps to get good health, success and wealth. In general, in the Tibetan ji tradition, this bead is considered an “unofficial” bead of wealth. In addition, the three-eyed Ji has the ability to create favorable conditions for maximum benefit (not necessarily material) in any situation. In another interpretation, the Dzi bead 3 eyes represents three stars: good luck, happiness, as well as honor and longevity. She brings luck to the owner.

Remove the product from Ji at night, the body should not feel discomfort during sleep. If you do not want to part with your Ji at night, put it under your pillow or in the pocket of your daytime home clothes. The influence of Ji beads will continue at night.

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