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New El Corazon jewelry!

New El Corazon jewelry!


New El Corazon jewelry!

New designer jewelry by Art Director El Corazon !!!

Since ancient times, women have used jewelry as a symbol of their charm, beauty and uniqueness!
Designer jewelry by Art Director El Corazon is the perfect way to stand out from the crowd and emphasize your natural beauty.
All jewelry is made by hand from natural stones, silver and high-quality fittings. This means that you become the owner of a unique author's jewelry, which you will not meet on anyone else.
We have also long been aware of the magical and healing properties of natural stones. If the mineral is selected for the corresponding zodiac sign and correctly applied, in such cases it will become a real protector for humans.

Baroque pearls - attracts well-being and prosperity.

Quartz - helps to gain self-confidence and calmness, relieves fears and helps to find harmony, both in the soul and in the house.

Sapphirine is a stone of love, passion, which can attract a woman's attention to a man.

Carnelian - has a very soft energy that awakens all the best feelings in a person and helps him find his soul mate. In addition, there is an opinion that carnelian protects the owner from any love spells.

Agate - helps to increase charisma and develop persuasion skills.

Our jewelry can become a hallmark of style and a subject of demonstration of your exquisite taste!

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