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New El Corazon silicone mats for design!

New El Corazon silicone mats for design!


New El Corazon silicone mats for design!

New El Corazon silicone mats for design!

Silicone El Corazon mats do not deteriorate from nail polish remover, protect the work surface, easy to fold, and not deformed.

Mats №mat-13 and №mat-14 have a size of 30x40 cm. On the left side of the mat is black and white panel for color proofing. On the mats a lot of space for free creativity, here you can paint designs using pens, felt-tip pen and nail polishes.

Silicone mats №mat-23, №mat-24 also have a size of 30x40 cm, and have large number of stencils. They are more suitable for beginners nail designs lovers.

Mats El Corazon №mat-63 and №mat-64 15x21 cm. Six black and white rectangles for color proofing is located on the mat. With their help, you can test nail polishes colors. Small thin mats easy to fold in any direction and do not lose their shape. Mats have a lot of free space where you can create nail designs (reverse stamping and etc).

On rugs №mat-73 and №mat-74 You can also test the paints and match color combinations. A large number of stencils convenient for beginners nail design lovers.

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