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New Fashion Brooches!

New Fashion Brooches!


New Fashion Brooches!

New Fashion Brooches!

2020 is a time of bold experiments and bold, expressive solutions that will allow you not only to diversify your wardrobe, but also to create your own style.
If you choose the best things, buy up in boutiques and stick to the trendy palette of 2020 (which will undoubtedly add points to you in the eyes of friends and knowledgeable people), this will not be enough. The only thing that will give completeness to your outfits is accessories in the form of a brooch.

Choosing a brooch, you do not just complement your outfit - you literally declare to the world that you have a delicate taste.
As for the themes, in addition to the classic colors, the favorite forms of female jewelry of recent years and even some non-trivial options have come into fashion:

- insects and marine life

- birds,

- geometric shapes

- fantasy drawings

- fruits, berries and plants

- badges in vintage style,

Originality is in fashion now, so you can always find new places to wear this jewelry. Not forgetting comfort and common sense, of course!

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