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New from A-England!

New from A-England!


New from A-England!

Three new nail polish collections from A-England!

AT LEIGHTON'S - Inspired by the home of Victorian artist, painter and sculptor, Lord Frederic Leighton, this magnificent residence is located on the edge of London’s Holland Park.

A-England The Arab Hall Nail polish 11 ml
A-England GOLDEN DOME Nail polish 11 ml
A-England MASHRABIYA Nail polish 11 ml
A-England PEACOCK BLUE GLAZE Nail polish 11 ml

LEIGHTON'S NYMPHS - Inspired by the diaphanously-dressed women that Victorian artist, Lord Frederic Leighton, immortalised in his work. These vaguely mythological women were said to represent timelessness, death, and regeneration.

A-England FLAMING JUNE Nail polish 11 ml
A-England LORD LEIGHTON Nail polish 11 ml
A-England Clytie Nail polish 11 ml
A-England LACHRYMAE Nail polish 11 ml

BURNE-JONES'S DIVINE ALLEGORIES - This collection is inspired by the jewel-toned stained glass windows named Hope, Charity and Faith designed by Edward Burne-Jones and created by Morris & Co in 1887. Installed in the Lady Chapel’s All Saints, Leek, these windows present the three moral virtues as haloed supernatural beauties of a mystic world.

A-England HOPE Nail polish 11 ml
A-England Charityt Nail polish 11 ml
A-England FAITH Nail polish 11 ml
A-England LOVE REVEALED Nail polish 11 ml

A-England - is a British beauty brand offering premium quality nail polishes in flirty, charming shades.
Inspired by an interest in art, architecture, history and contemporary culture is associated with a passion for for England’s light, utterly romantic weather, somehow gothic charm and glory.

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