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NEW !!!! From Korean and Japanese manufacturers!

NEW !!!! From Korean and Japanese manufacturers!


NEW !!!! From Korean and Japanese manufacturers!

New household chemicals and care products from Korean and Japanese manufacturers!

Most women prefer the cosmetics and household chemicals of Korean and Japanese origin, as there are a lot of components of natural origin in these products. Modern technology has made the laundry detergent safe and effective. For example, the unique production technology of Japanese dishwashing products allows you to wash vegetables, fruits and even greens with these products - just dissolve the product in water, put vegetables or fruits in it, then rinse them under running water. Convenient, fast, and most importantly, absolutely safe!


Compact air fresheners. Contains deodorizing substances that destroy the molecules of an unpleasant odor. The small size of the flavoring will allow you to conveniently place it in the car.

Shampoo, balm and mask series "Restoration is natural, non-silicone products for dense, damaged and unruly hair with amino acids, natural oils and Moringa seeds. Perfectly cleanses the scalp and hair, restoring them along the entire length. Due to natural ingredients after use, hair becomes manageable and lungs, increases the basal volume.

Milk Soap perfectly relieves fatigue and tension, gives a feeling of pleasant coolness. Foams well, easily dissolves sebum and washes away sticky sweat. It has a deodorizing effect, completely removes the smell of sweat, leaves a fresh mint aroma on the body, suitable, incl. for athletes and people leading an active lifestyle. Does not dry the skin.

The range of masks for the face of Japan Gals is very rich and diverse, with the effect of each mask is aimed at achieving a variety of goals. Masks with hyaluronic acid help to restore skin elasticity and intensively moisturize it, and masks with collagen are considered a real find for tired skin, in addition, they help smooth skin, make facial contours more distinct and activate the process of cellular renewal. A mask with extracts of 10 fruits perfectly moisturizes and refreshes the skin, and also helps to remove inflammatory processes. Most of the masks from Japan Gals are presented in setters, each of which includes up to seven masks.

Fresheners effectively disinfect the air and neutralize odors, filling the room with scents that, thanks to their special composition, last for a long time. The freshener contains natural deodorizing components, catechins and plant extracts, due to which it has a double effect - it decomposes the unpleasant smell, eliminates it and fills the room with a refreshing scent.

Tablets for toilet cistern with the effect of water staining
Thanks to bleach and cleaning components that remove dirt and yellowing when the cistern is drained, the toilet always remains perfectly clean and white. The tablet kills all bacteria and removes any unpleasant odors.

- Shampoo gently cleanses the scalp and hair. It gives hair extra shine and silkiness. - Balsam cares for the scalp and hair, penetrating deep into the hair and restores its structure.
Give hair moisture, elasticity and elasticity.
Silk proteins strengthen hair shafts, protect against moisture loss and brittleness, so that the hair retains its healthy appearance, remains silky and moisturized.
Japanese silicone-free shampoo with the power of natural milk proteins and five types of oils delicately cleanses the scalp and hair. Actively moisturizes and nourishes the hair, restores damaged areas and reduces the cross section of the tips. Extends the color fastness of dyed hair.

Moist Diane:
Moist Diane Botanical shampoos and conditioners are made from the purest plant extracts and natural oils. The action of the active ingredients is aimed at toning and relieving stress of the scalp, delicate care and activation of cellular nutrition, prevention of irritation.


Children's laundry and dishwashing detergents, antibacterial. Ecologically safe and completely remove pollution.
Created on the basis of herbal ingredients does not irritate the skin. Does not contain phosphorus and dyes.

Three series of Reveur Fraicheur to solve the three main problems of hair.
Each series is designed to solve specific hair problems:
Moist - to moisturize dry hair;
Repair - to repair damaged;
Scalp - to activate hair growth and care for the scalp.

Shoshu-riki, in Japanese, "deodorizing power" is the most popular air freshener in Japan. For the Japanese, the best smell is the absence of smell, so all the fragrances in household chemicals are very light. The whole series "Deodorizing Power" is based on plant extracts, so the smells are natural, but at the same time unobtrusive.


South Korea:

Cocod`or aroma diffusers will fill your home or office with multi-faceted perfume compositions, enlivening the atmosphere around you. Aromas are created according to the classic rules of perfumery: first you will hear the top notes, heart sounds will follow and finally the soft notes will sound the base notes. Choose flavors that suit your character or mood. A bottle of clear glass with a stylish complement the interior. Black sticks are made of special porous microfiber - the aroma will spread evenly and economically.

KMPC Miracle People Corporation:
Cleanser for glass surfaces. Designed to clean automotive glasses, windows, window glasses, as well as TV screens, glass panels, doors, etc. The tool creates an invisible for the eyes protective film that protects against the formation of dirt and stains, and also does not allow dust to settle on glass surfaces. Does not leave stains and traces. It has a long lasting effect. It has the scent of freshness.


First of all, Kerasis is famous for its hair products - it is conditioners, shampoos, masks, and balms. Basically, it is a restorative means that helps brittle, dull, thin, dry hair.

Detergents and cleaning products of the Kerasis brand are represented by dishwashing detergents, laundry detergents, and fabric softeners. They are distinguished by an effective antibacterial formula, careful use and removal of unpleasant odors.

Conditioner with natural flower oils and extracts, the aroma of which is revealed while wearing clothes.
The tool softens and smoothes clothes, deodorizes them. Thanks to propolis and 7 antibacterial components, it inhibits the growth of bacteria and prevents the appearance of unpleasant odors when clothes are dried.

Nature Corp:
Gives whiteness to white things, brightness to color, without damaging the structure of the fabric due to the oxygen bleaching agent "O2". It has a disinfecting effect: destroys 99% of bacteria (intestinal, dysenteric, pseudomonas bacilli, salmonella, Klebsiella pneumonia, endospores).

Fabric softener is designed to soften cotton, wool, linen and synthetic fabrics.

Posh one
Concentrated detergent for washing dishes, vegetables and fruits.


Fabric softener


New revolutionary format washing powder! One sheet - one perfect wash! Perfectly washes even in cold water, thanks to the cleansing power of active enzymes.


Choose for yourself only the best !!!

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