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New in the section Brooches - Bestseller !!!

New in the section Brooches - Bestseller !!!


New in the section Brooches - Bestseller !!!

New in the section Brooches - Bestseller!!!

A brooch is not only a beautiful decoration, but also:

  • a highlight of the whole image, an expression of the individuality of the hostess;

  • the opportunity to re-beat your favorite thing, from which you don’t feel like “getting out”;

  • an indicator of status, belonging to some special circle - fashionable women politicians, heads of powers and star ladies are happy to wear these jewelry.

The most stylish brooches of this season:

  • animalistic - butterflies, dragonflies, beetles and other animals made of metal, stones and rhinestones can "sit" on the shoulder, neck, chest and even at the waist.

  • Floral and floral motifs became fundamental in the trends of 2018 and 2019. Flowers “bloom” on dresses and skirts, on jeans and even on outerwear.

  • geometric, graphic options look strict and concise, maybe even a little rustic, but on correctly selected clothes they will create a unique image;

  • Christmas brooches

  • also wearing a brooch of your profession, you will look original;

The main point of the season: to wear not one brooch, but a whole set of several identical or made in one form. They are placed either in a heap, in one place, or placed separately, creating a general laid-back image.

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