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Magnetic bracelets are an effective tool for relieving fatigue and stress, stabilizing the heart and blood pressure, activating the immune system, normalizing sleep and the functioning of internal organs. The therapeutic effect occurs due to the effect of a constant magnetic field on the biologically active zones of the wrist associated with the cardiovascular, respiratory, digestive and other systems of the body. The magnetic bracelet is used both as an independent method of treatment and in combination with medications at home.

An excellent method of preventing diseases and treating the skin and the whole body is the Chinese massage of guasha. Translated "guasha" means to scrape off bad energy. For massage, a special gouache scraper is used, which is made of different materials.

The bright ball massager MITTEN, equipped with 9 metal balls, is easy to use and extremely effective. The massager will help: remove puffiness from the legs, relieve muscle tension after a hard day's work, reduce the appearance of an ugly "orange peel", increase skin elasticity and tighten the figure.

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