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New Jewelery by El Corazon!

New Jewelery by El Corazon!


New Jewelery by El Corazon!

Meet !!! Author's jewelry from the Art Director of El Corazon!

All jewelry is made of natural stones and copper, gold or silver hardware.

Necklaces, bracelets, earrings can be made from one particular stone, or in combination of several:
  • from Agatha. This is a semi-precious stone. Its distinguishing feature is banding. Wavy stripes of different colors create incredible patterns in which you can sometimes see whole pictures: landscapes, castles, lakes and mountains. Due to the originality of the pattern, as well as the widespread occurrence, agate was one of the first among gems to be used for making jewelry and decorative items. Agate symbolizes health and longevity, harmony and protection. Presented as a gift by a loving person, he must become a wonderful talisman and faithful talisman for life.

  • from Mother of pearl. Mother of pearl, unusual by its nature, is an amazing result of life activity of the inhabitants of the deep sea. As follows from the history, mother of pearl was considered the mother of pearls, which was the reason for its name. Honor and respect are feelings that were caused by the gentle and at the same time majestic mother of pearl. The energy charge of nacre is distinguished by amazing positive and light. Such an action is directed to its owner: intuition develops, everything changes for the better, and life is filled with health, and therefore longevity. Nacre is able to protect from negative influence from the outside, therefore it is especially useful for children, travelers or people in need of support.
Mother of pearl is the best friend and patron of family relationships. This is a peacemaker and protector of family and material well-being, peaceful and calm atmosphere in the house.

  • from Coral. According to those who study the magical properties of amulets, coral attracts luck and enhances the gift of foresight, has a beneficial effect on the mental state and the ability to think logically. They are worn in order to protect themselves from lightning and the evil eye. The ancient Greeks believed that pink corals could bring happiness and ensure immortality.

  • from Pearl. He is a symbol of faithful love, soul and joyful life. Pearls were worn for attracting good luck and wanting to endure trials with ease. According to legends, the magic of pearls lies in its ability to bring wealth and happiness.

  • from blue Quartz. Blue Quartz is the rarest of all types of quartz, and therefore its energy and properties are considered special. Scientists can not explain the principle of its action, however, it is authentically known that this gem can help even when classical medicine is powerless. It affects the improvement of memory, the development of imagination and other mental properties of a person, brings positive energy into his life, and also develops speech. It also has excellent soothing and balancing properties.

Some decorations, you can purchase already included:

Any woman will be happy if she receives a gift as a gift.
Even if the jewelry box is already full, one more earrings or bracelet will not be superfluous!

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Currency rate:

€ 1.00 = 73.22 rub.
$ 1.00 = 66.00 rub.
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