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New jewelry from AGATE!

New jewelry from AGATE!


New jewelry from AGATE!

New jewelry from AGATE!

Our store has replenished with a large number of jewelry from Agate!

AGAT - This stone is known to people since the Neolithic, it was appreciated in the ancient world, they knew who it suits according to the zodiac sign. Holy for Buddhists, helper for a good beginning. Agate is unique, but affordable.
Healing and magical properties are maximum when wearing a stone directly on the body. He will help to understand yourself, solve the problem, and if you put it on your desktop or near a computer, the work will protect you from unnecessary purchases; returns the owner to reality, making the pragmatist out of the dreamer; helps to understand the situation, suggests which way to prefer new achievements; psychologically weak people protects from energy vampirism, strong is suitable for spiritual growth; develops self-confidence, the ability to clearly express thoughts; makes you start to act, make decisions; in the event of the collapse of all hopes, it gives magical powers to start all over again.
Agate jewelry by El Corazon:

Jewelry made of natural stones and metal

All jewelry is universal. They can be worn as sets, or individually.

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Currency rate:

€ 1.00 = 77.79 rub.
$ 1.00 = 71.14 rub.