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New Korean and Japanese's Skin Care!

New Korean and Japanese's Skin Care!


New Korean and Japanese's Skin Care!

New sections in South Korea and Japan!

In the past few years, Korean and Japanese cosmetics have been confidently winning hearts and places on the dressing tables of millions of women around the world, pushing aside the well-known European brands.

For Japanese and Koreans, the concept of beauty is inherently associated with health. Healthy, radiant skin is the main purpose of using all care products. Not to mask imperfections, but to prevent and get rid of them in time, this is the main principle. In this case, the safety and safety of the components used in cosmetics are always in the first place:

  • Lebelage Detox Facial Wash with Lemon - Facial wash brightens, evens out skin color, fills it with moisture, refreshes and tones. Thanks to lemon extract, it has antibacterial and antiseptic effects, strengthens the walls of blood vessels, tightens pores and accelerates the healing of acne.
  • FarmStay Cleansing Foam with Snail Extract - Gentle skin perfectly cleanses the skin from impurities. Snail mucus extract restores the skin, promotes its active regeneration and rejuvenation. The complex also contains a complex of acids (myristic and stearic), arginine and allantoin. Perfectly removes the remnants of makeup from the face. Recommended for daily use. Suitable for all skin types.
  • FarmStay Horse Oil Cleansing Foam - Horse skin cleansing foam will not only help to deeply cleanse the skin, but also moisturize, prevent drying and dehydration of the skin. Horse fat is a traditional Asian remedy that was used to cope with dryness, to heal burns and skin damage.

  • FarmStay Cleansing Foam with Egg Extract - Great tool for cleansing the skin, especially recommended for skin with dilated pores. The foam perfectly cleanses the pores and, with regular use, contributes to their gradual narrowing. In addition, the foam nourishes, softens and tones the skin. Softly mattes and improves the complexion. Recommended for skin prone to fat, with enlarged pores.
  • FarmStay Cream intensively restores anti-wrinkles with royal snail extract - The cream contains many trace elements that are useful for any skin, regardless of type and age. The composition of the snail mucin is close to the composition of our skin, it contains collagen, chitosan, allantoin, glycolic acid and elastin. Penetrating mucin into the skin triggers intracellular metabolism, promote cell regeneration, increase elasticity, strengthen the skin's structure, lighten and refresh the skin.
  • FarmStay Jeju Horse Fat Hand Cream  - Jeju Horse Fat Hand Cream moisturizing nourishing hand cream on horsefat extract has a pronounced nourishing, softening and wound-healing effect, eliminates flaking. Horse fat contains a full range of unsaturated fatty acids that, penetrating deep into the skin, moisturize it, form a protective film, make the skin soft, elastic and elastic, smooth out irregularities, have a rich complex of amino acids and vitamins.
  • Jigott Real Moisture Hand Cream with Snail Slime Extract -Intensively moisturizes dry and rough skin. Snail mucus extract has a rejuvenating effect, stimulates the production of its own collagen and elastin. Snail mucin reduces the manifestation of pigmentation, has anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect. The cream has a pleasant aroma, absorbs quickly, leaving no stickiness and protects the skin of the hands for a long time.

  • B&C Labs TSURURI PORE CLEANSING - dissolves grease plugs and black spots, makes skin clean and smooth. The zeolite, which is part of the product, has a thermal effect, contributes to the opening of the pores, then the adsorbing components, volcanic clay and activated carbon penetrate inside, absorbing the product of sebaceous glands secretion that makes up the pores.
  • B&C Labs AHA&BHA Hot Cleansing Gel Cream - The cream-gel, thanks to its extraordinarily silky texture, is easily applied to the skin, gently acts on dead cells, penetrates deep into the pores and delicately cleanses them from impurities.
  • B & C Labs Pore Cleansing Cream (with thermal effect) - The cream effectively cleans the pores, dissolves greasy plugs and black spots, makes the skin clean and smooth. The mechanism of action of the cream: the zeolite, which is part of the product, has a thermal effect, contributes to the opening of the pores, then the adsorbing components (volcanic clay and activated carbon) penetrate, absorbing the product of sebaceous glands secretion that makes up the pores. Due to this, the pores are cleaned, and then washed after washing. A scrub of small particles of activated charcoal and rock salt exfoliates dead skin. The skin becomes fresh and silky.
  • Junlove Hair Mask, based on natural herbal ingredients, moisturizing -  Excellent tool to maintain the moisture balance of dyed hair. Protects dyed hair and helps preserve color. Active ingredients: Rose hip oil, henna extract add shine and moisture, making hair soft and manageable. Wheat proteins protect and restore damaged areas of hair, make hair smooth and beautiful. Sea water is intensely moisturizing. It is extracted from the depths where the sun's rays do not penetrate and the low temperature is maintained throughout the year, which ensures its purity and mineral composition rich in minerals.

Combating imperfections or just routine daily care, with proper use of Korean and Japanese products, gives very good results and an obvious cumulative effect. This makeup really works, it is a fact.

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