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New massage scrapers for Guasha from natural stones!

New massage scrapers for Guasha from natural stones!


New massage scrapers for Guasha from natural stones!

New massage scrapers for Guasha from natural stones!

Don't miss the arrival of the new "Guasha" massage scrapers from Agate, Neuritis, Jadeite, Amethyst and Rose Quartz:

Stone scraping massage is the oldest method of Chinese medicine. The first mention of guasha massage (gua sha) dates back to 550 BC. During excavations, archaeologists often find scrapers and original rollers-massagers for the face and body from different stones.

The technique of massage with a gouache scraper has never been a secret. On the contrary, the ancient healers tried to spread this teaching. It was believed that the mechanical effect on biologically active points in combination with healing oils applied to the skin, extracts from medicinal herbs and the energy of the stone has a powerful effect on health, increases vitality, restores youth, heals the body and spirit.

Modern medical knowledge only confirms the benefits of guache. It has been proven that massage with stone scrapers and rollers has both cosmetic and health-improving effects.
Improving microcirculation: blood circulation and lymphatic drainage. The massage effect activates the flow of blood and lymph in the small vessels of the skin. The metabolism is accelerated, the level of nutrition and oxygen supply to the skin increases, cell division is enhanced, and their work is normalized. The water balance, the level of skin moisture is restored, the elimination of toxins is accelerated, congestion and edema disappear. Thanks to vasodilatation, useful cosmetics are better absorbed, the skin begins to glow, becomes more elastic, elastic and dense.

Plastic massage. The correct technique of facial massage with a gouache scraper promotes the effect on the muscle layer. Weakened muscles are strengthened, spasmodic muscles relax. Wrinkles are gradually smoothed out, tissues are tightened, the oval of the face becomes clearer.
Skin cleansing. Scraping massage gently removes a layer of impurities and dead skin cells from the skin surface, contributes to the accelerated renewal of the epidermis. As a result, this leads to a decrease in "blackheads" and rashes on the face.
Reflexology. Massage with a scraper and roller affects biologically active points located on the face. These acupuncture points are associated with many internal organs, and are also responsible for the normal functioning of skin cells (the rejuvenating effect is enhanced), affect the nervous system (sleep improves, appetite is normalized, and stress levels are reduced).

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