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New massagers made from natural stones!

New massagers made from natural stones!


New massagers made from natural stones!

New massagers made of natural stones for facial massage!

In ancient Rome and Egypt, natural stone powder was added to creams. The stones were believed to have a positive effect on cell regeneration. This means that massage with minerals makes facial care many times more effective. The microcirculation of blood improves, the lymph starts to work, and thus working the subcutaneous layers and the skin itself along the massage lines of the face, you get an incredible effect. Lymph drainage and blood flow ensure the timely elimination of toxins from the body!

Facial massage with a gua sha scraper!
One of the oldest oriental techniques works real miracles - the Chinese massage gua sha has not lost its popularity for several thousand years. It helps prevent diseases, solve old health problems, and is effective in combating cosmetic defects.

Non-surgical facelift with a roller massager!
The skin rejuvenation massager consists of one or two rollers with a smooth or embossed structure. The rollers can be made from a variety of natural stones. The device is equipped with a comfortable grip, which facilitates the load on the wrist during the procedure.

From Jasper - a stone that was used for treatment in ancient times, it was called the stone of life, because it has a positive effect on the entire body as a whole, prolongs life. Chinese experts cleansed the body with this mineral.

From Carnelian - it is able to have a beneficial effect on human health, it has been known for a long time. Chalcedony of the color of fire and blood was used to heal wounds and fractures, relieve fever, and reduce inflammation.

From Lazurite - Lazurite helps well with diseases associated with disruptions of the endocrine system. With diseases of the thyroid gland.

Amethyst is a mineral that relieves nervous tension, soothes, adjusts to a harmonious mood. This is a wonderful talisman. It is believed to strengthen the immune system and attract good luck, as well as help relieve bruising and puffiness.

From Labradorite it calms the human nervous system. Meditations with a stone will distract from everyday worries, relax, which will help relieve stress and relieve depression.

And if you want a relaxing effect, for example in the evening, you can heat the massager under hot water, and it will be warm for a long time.

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