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New! New! New!


New! New! New!


Our store is replenished with products for makeup and not only!

Brand Ffleur:

  • Ffleur EP-12 eye shadow. (12 color.) Color Bar Pallete - Matte eye shadows are easy to apply and feather. The composition of the shadows include natural oils and waxes that provide delicate skin care of the eyelids and eyebrows.

  • Ffleur EP-06 Soft Breeze Eye Shadows 6-color - Shadows of delicate silky texture are easily applied and tinted with an applicator up to half tones. Components of oils and waxes provide care for the finest eyelid skin and prevent aging. Shadows retain saturated color for a long time, do not roll down and do not lubricate. Six harmoniously selected shades will help create a day, evening or holiday makeup.

  • Ffleur E-193 Harmony Eye Shadow 3-color - Shadows of delicate silky texture are easy to apply and blend with an applicator to semitones.

  • Ffleur TK-88 SuperStay Compact Powder - Thanks to its lightweight texture, powder perfectly fits the skin and makes it naturally smooth and matte. Delicate, like silk, powder transforms skin tone, remaining completely invisible

Brand  Farres:
  • Eye Shadow 5-color

A cosmetics case is primarily a convenient organizer that allows you to store and transport a large amount of cosmetics. Such cases are not only an attribute of a make-up artist's work, but also a necessary thing for those who have too many cosmetics, and especially if they have to travel often.

Brand Zinger

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