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New pearl brooches!

New pearl brooches!


New pearl brooches!

New in section Natural Stone Brooches!

We got new brooches from pearl!

Pearl is a stone beloved by fashionistas and sorcerers. Gentle shades cause joy, bring good luck and inspiration. The properties of mother of pearl allow you to use it for magical purposes, for treatment and protection from damage. No matter how doubtful it sounds, the stone has incredible possibilities and carries the cleansing energy of water.

In order for a pearl brooch to bring good luck and please you in every way, you need to love it, clean it from the negative and not show off its help to others. Then she will work at full strength and will surely lead you to happiness!

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€ 1.00 = 72.83 rub.
$ 1.00 = 65.62 rub.
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