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New pendants made of natural stones!

New pendants made of natural stones!


New pendants made of natural stones!

New pendants and pendants made of natural stones continue to delight us this season.

Fashion stylists are advised to choose pendants of various sizes and shapes. These decorations are suitable for any style. You can wear pendants for a festive event, a shopping trip, a walk with friends and even for work.
Just picking up your stone, he will bring you not only good luck, but will also isolate you from negative energy:

  • The Agate Stone is one of the most common stones on Earth. For many centuries, it was agate that was used as jewelry by the nobility and the main fashionistas in many countries. Even in ancient times, people paid attention to the magical properties of agate. For example, in ancient Egypt there was a belief that a stone would save from a thunderstorm, and in ancient Rome with the help of agate they increased the yield. In the legends there is a mention of other unusual properties of the mineral: traveling around the desert, people kept agate in their mouths, so as not to suffer from thirst. They used agate and lovers - the stone supported love and preserved against betrayal and betrayal.

  • Rock Crystal - Strong talismans are made from rock crystal, which help to attract the love and sympathy of other people, promote the appearance of offspring. In magic, rhinestone is primarily used as a stone of clairvoyants and soothsayers. Stone balls are made from it for divination, and untreated crystals are often used for meditation and immersion in trance states.

  • Amethyst - helps develop self-control, get rid of negative thoughts, to gain stability and peace. It promotes the development of a magical gift and strengthens ties with personal patrons. It is believed that amethyst cleanses the blood, improves the body's energy balance, relieves muscle clamps and even heals migraines. He is credited with the ability to heal from vices and bad habits.

  • Rose quartz is a stone of peace of mind. It heals heart wounds, increases self-confidence, promotes the revelation of talents, increases the owner's appeal to the opposite sex, and strengthens communication with the guardian angel.

  • Moonstone - For many nations, moonstone valued more than gold and was sacred. It is believed that it should be used in accordance with the lunar phases. This stone calms the mind, eliminates anger and internal tension, contributes to the development of intuition and imagination. Moonstone brings peace of mind and peace.

  • Turquoise - At all times, turquoise was considered a stone of love and great happiness that every person deserves. It will promote reconciliation of the worst enemies, soften the discontent of the authorities at work and give peace and tranquility in the family. Gem possesses extraordinary magic in terms of changing its color under bad weather conditions and the illness of the person who wears it on the body. If he picked up turquoise, he became light, sometimes pale, which means that a person urgently needs the help of medical specialists, since the probability of a fatal disease is high.

  • Mother of pearl opens the entrance to everything new and the best in the life of its owner, brings good luck in various spheres of life. Pearl can be used in spiritual practices, because it awakens and sharpens intuition, helps spiritual development and self-improvement ...

Carefully approaching the choice of mineral, you can get a really good gift for a close friend, for whom this pendant will be not just an ornament, but a magic helper in difficult matters and the implementation of plans.

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