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New useful products in our assortment!

New useful products in our assortment!


New useful products in our assortment!

We have a lot of different novelties!

OPI Silicone cuticle pushers (5 pcs.)

This set is an indispensable tool for manicure!
On the one side silicone pusher for the cuticle, it can also be used for modeling or for pigments (in nail design), on the other side - a plastic knife, which very carefully removes cornified particles and cuticles.

New Silicone brushes set (5 pcs.)

For gel, modeling and pigments.

Applicators set (12 pcs.)

Suitable for applying blusheye shadowlipstick, and for apllying pigments (powders) in nail design.

Packages of kraft paper are resistant to temperatures above 120-180 degrees, which allows them to be used for sterilizing devices. Packages for sterilization are made of a polymer film, coupled with white paper by special thermoshow. Angles packages are sealed to prevent the possibility of penetration of bacteria and germs.

Each package contains an indicator of the process of sterilization of class 1.

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