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Roller massagers for the face!

Roller massagers for the face!


Roller massagers for the face!

Massagers for face and neck made of natural stone!

The novelty of our store is Roller massagers for face and neck made of natural stones. They have become the latest trend in the beauty industry.
Massage with the help of such a roller will immediately reduce swelling and dark circles under the eyes. This will refresh, brighten and even your complexion. Such a roller is very good in combination with your favorite oil, serum or fabric mask. It will enhance and accelerate the action of cosmetics, while cooling the skin and smoothing it. It is also worth noting that facial massage using stone rollers is not only pleasant, but also very relaxing and tonic - tired skin will be very grateful for these few simple movements along the face oval. Pre-put the roller in the refrigerator - it will give freshness and awaken the skin after sleep.

Jade, according to alternative medicine, has a beneficial effect on the skin, hair and heart. Using a roller made of this stone, you will strengthen the lymphatic system, reduce the appearance of pores and even clear your body (and mind) from negative emotions. Massaging a face with a jade roller will also help in combating skin imperfections such as acne or slight redness.

A rose quartz roller is especially recommended for those who want to reduce the appearance of fine wrinkles. Massage of the face with the help of such a roller will delay the aging process of the skin and, thus, positively affect the complexion - noticeably smooth out the tone. An additional advantage of rose quartz is that it is colder than jade.

Dalmatian jasper movie (relieves cramps, allows you to relax)

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